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Plexiglass, in the middle of things
Saturday, 25 September 2010
Plexiglass, in the middle of things
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After the development of the Plexiglass in 1933 a new era began in the construction. First it is important to mention that the Plexiglass is a chemical compound. It is a polymer of methyl metacrylate. To describe his physical properties we will use words like: transparent, light, non heat resistant, flexible but also hard to break. All these properties speak that this material might fight a bright future in the construction. It is transparent which means that the material may be put to use in some decorative changes in our home or office. This transparency is very good for people who like to feel cozy at home. And it is really light which means that you can montage it yourself. You don’t actually need some workers to put it for you. And besides that this material is really pressure resistant. This means that if you use it make a separation between your kitchen and living room with a transparent Plexiglass door, the door will be pretty resistant to any objects that may hit it. The flexibility on the other hand gives a new way of handling the pressure- bending. This enhances the property of strength.

Plexiglass however is one material that is hard to handle. The operation with it is not that sophisticated but you need the knowledge to work with it. For example if you want to join two parts of the Plexiglass you will need the material called Superglue. Another way to join two pieces of Plexiglass is the heating method. Two outer parts that are heated melt and after that the two pieces of Plexiglass are put together and after that when it cools down you will have one single piece of Plexiglass.

Joining is commonly met. But you will come across the need to cut down the Plexiglass as well. Here also are some specifics about it. The general way of cutting is the laser. When the laser goes around and melts the Plexiglass it fades away and the only left thing is the gas that some scientists say that the gas contains the isomers of the main compound. However because of its instability it is not 100% sure. The laser cutting way is one of the most common ways that is used in many fabrics that produce Plexiglass. You should not be impressed when I say laser simply because it is just a stream of light that melts everything on its way and it really common to use them nowadays.  

When produced to enhance the properties that it already has, Plexiglass undergoes special treatment. On the upper layer the development fabric may put a thin layer of some trade mark secret compound that makes the Plexiglass even more resistant to external influences. Because it is used mainly to cover outside things it is heavily required that it may endure enough pressure because the cost-efficiency ratio will be greatly reduced. However it is a good material that is one of our ways of bettering the construction nowadays.

Posted by glen4henson at 7:50 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 25 September 2010 7:58 PM EDT
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